Photo tips & tricks

Digital photography is fun! Learn about effective photo manipulation techniques you can use to retouch your photos, add artistic filters and effects to them, create fun photo montages, avatars, e-cards, photo animations, and much more!

All these tips are about the things you can do with the help of services and products based on API.

General problems of point and shoot photography, or how to fix a bad pic in a click

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There is no doubt that manual photo editing gives more flexibility compared to enhancement in auto mode. However, if you are new to digital photography or just have no time to edit your photos manually, service is what you need to quickly and efficiently fix the most common problems of your pictures.

The service makes automatic adjustments to image brightness, saturation and color temperature, removes digital noise and makes a photo look sharper. Besides, the service also removes red eye in photos of people.

Portrait retouching, or how to enhance a portrait photo

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If your photos of people are ideal, read no further :) However, if you don’t like those blemishes and wrinkles, skin glare, yellowish teeth and devilish red eyes that spoil your portrait photos, use our intellectual retouching tools that remove the above-mentioned defects in one mouse click.

Besides skin retouching, eye makeup and teeth whitening, service will also make eyes look more attractive, skin more tanned and add a glamour look with a soft focus effect. If you need a more flexible approach to portrait retouching, use free and user-friendly Photo! Editor software.

Dull photos, or how to perform color correction, adjust brightness and saturation in a photo

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Adjusting image color balance and brightness levels is anything but simple. You can spend hours analyzing the histogram and white balance in complicated programs. But complicated is not always best :) Using our intellectual tools you can correct color temperature, brightness and saturation in photos with just one click.

For instant all-in-one enhancement, use the service. If you want to make individual adjustments to image saturation, brightness and color temperature, use the Adjust Saturation, the Enhance Color and Color Temperature tools that service has to offer.

Blurry pictures, or how to sharpen a photo

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Sometimes sharpness comes first, especially with landscape and nature photography, where we want to see sharp details. Sometimes we feel that a photo is definitely not a masterpiece, because it is not sharp enough. This may happen due to camera shaking (hand shake blur) or object movement (motion blur). To improve a photo that needs to be sharpened, use the Deblur tool in service.

Digital noise reduction, or how to fix grainy pictures

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Digital noise is one of the biggest problems most amateur photographers face. Have a close look at your photos (especially darker or low-light images). If you can see grainy, multicoloured speckles in smoothly-colored areas – this is the digital noise you have to get rid of. The Denoise tool in will let you remove noise from your photos in seconds.

Want to get creative? Applying artistic effects to a photo

If you use digital photography as a way to boost your creativity, is what you need. It offers an impressive set of artistic photo filters that let you turn your photos into mosaic art, a pencil drawing, an Impressionist oil painting, and what not! Just start experimenting, and make your photos look unique.

Creating funny photo montages, or how to have fun with your pictures

Want to learn how to create fun photo effects in seconds? There is no need to study complicated graphics software – check out service and just just get entertained! This service inserts your photos in funny and original settings (more than 600 templates are currently available, and the collection is constantly growing). About half of the effects use face detection technology that makes it possible to insert a face from your picture into a photo of a celebrity, nun, or a movie star. The ability to recognize face features allows to make "Na'vi avatar effect" or "scar face effect".

Want to add several photos into one photo mashup? Or customize your photo mashup with your own text? All these options are provided by The service is free, and resulting mashups can be shared easily!

Those who have an Android based device can apply photo effects to their photos for free with Lab application.

Changing facial expression, or how to create a caricature from a photo

Want to change facial expressions in photos of people with just one click, or even create funny face animations? makes this possible! This online service works in fully automatic mode: you just upload a photo from your computer or from the internet by entering its URL, choose an emotion from the list (joy, sadness, surprise, etc.) and get a funniest gif animation, or a static caricature. The service automatically detects the face in your photo and also lets you adjust animation speed and picture size.

Applying freaky face effects, or how to have a blast with portrait photos

Love to play pranks on your friends? Well, you're in luck! brings you Freaky Faces - a score of face morphing algorithms from to mess with your friends' photos. Do you think one of your friends is way too smart for his own good? Give him a bulb head. Your girlfriend could use a set of chubby cheeks, while a younger brother is a great candidate for a fine derpy alien face. Get creative and freakalize everyone! Once you choose an effect it is applied to an uploaded portrait automatically.

Creating fun gif animations, or how to turn your photo into a cool animated avatar

An avatar (or a user picture) is very important for those who live their lives on forums, blogs or anywhere else on the internet. Actually, it is а graphical representation of your own self. Want to look cool and original in the ever-changing web world? Create an eye-catching animated avatar from your photo in a couple of clicks with free

Just upload your picture from your computer or from the web (the face is detected automatically), select the effect you like and see it animated! You can then adjust the size and speed of your gif animation, add glitter text and save it either to your computer, or to a free hosting on site.

How to share multiple photos at once, with short URLs and no registration

Want to share multiple photos at once? Then is what the doctor ordered! Share unlimited number of photos in sets, without going through any registration process. Just upload a heap of photos from your device and get a short intuitive link to your photo set (all links generated by start with - this gives the recipient a clue about what exactly is being shared). After you have uploaded your photos, you can add a caption to the entire photo set and every single photo in it.

Share your photo sets on Twitter and Facebook via quick buttons, or get embed codes and direct links to share photos anywhere else. Those who view your shared photos can comment on them.

Later, you can edit or delete your photo set if you access it from the initial device and browser. You can also copy and save the admin link to be able to edit/delete your photo set from other devices and browsers.

How to create a cool web photo album

Want to create a stylish web photo album for local viewing or posting it on your website? Then free Photo! Web Album software is just what the doctor ordered! Thanks to an attractive interface and context sensitive help, the program makes it fun and easy to create a web album. The software also contains built-in photo editing tools, so you can improve your photos before publishing them. Photo! Web Album provides a wide choice of gallery templates of all kinds for you to choose from.

How to create an original 3D photo album

We live in a three-dimensional world, so why not showing your photos in a 3D environment? Just imagine walking around a 3D gallery with your pictures on the walls. Check out Photo! 3D Album software and create highly customizable 3D albums with an ability to add comments to photos, and then host your albums on your website or blog. More than 40 different designs and galleries are available. E.g., you can put your photos on the walls of a modern art gallery, or even inside Egyptian pyramids.